Jebus Outcast 2.82

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Imagine if everything was turned upside down. Creature Banks like Consas and Hives no longer exist, replaced with countless boxes. Instant pick Heroes - gone. Powerful spells like Implosion and Slow - gone. It's just all gone… the game’s literally unplayable now.

That is the ability of Jebus Outcast.

Main Features:

❖ All Pandoras contain units, except 6 big boxes in the desert which give all spells (55000 value each).

❖ Diplomacy effectiveness is reduced to 25% joining in the desert. Zone guards between desert and biomes can randomly spawn as 25% or 50% joining, depending on a tile they stand on.

❖ Can be played with or without “fake underground”. Adding underground level allows 2 uses of Dimension Door per turn (with Expert Air Magic) and it also doubles rating rewards in the online lobby.

❖ Jebus Outcast Islands is a special version of JO, where instead of rich middle zone you have large sea with many Utopia-like objects. To activate it, choose Water Content - Islands in the setup and select H size. Can be played with 4 players max.

How to install

  1. Check your HOTA version (must be 1.6.1), if it's not the latest one then go to: HOTA downloads

  2. Unpack the zip file.

  3. Place the folder with RMG file into Heroes 3 > HotA_RMGTemplates directory.

  4. Make sure that there are no subfolders otherwise it won't work. Don't rename the folder to avoid matching errors in lobby. Restart the game if template doesn’t appear on the list.


Standard 1 hero gaming rules.

Refer to these rules in case of conflicting opinions. If the situation at hand is not covered in this ruleset, then write about it in the feedback channel.

  1. Recommended timers: Tournament 2 / 1 / 0:15 and Chill Play 2 / 1:30 / 1.

  2. Restart 1x111, simultaneous turns 135.

  3. 1 Hero 1 life. No surrender or running away from battle.

  4. No Draws. In final fights the player who deals the finishing blow wins the game (Reflected damage from Fire Shield and Magic Mirror also counts as a last hit for a player who casted these spells).

  5. It is allowed to Fly or DD over a second guard of monoliths and subterranean gates.

  6. Universal Break. Only one Border Guard (of 45K value) must be defeated or joined in order to gain free access to all other zones on the map. It is permitted to use Dimension Door to teleport over a Border Guard and immediately attack it.

  7. FF 242 (Final Fight on month 2 week 4 day 2). Whoever controls the central desert town by the end of this turn - wins the game. Winning the fight with summons also counts.

  8. In FFA matches, the player who is losing the final battle must always give items to the opponent. Also make sure to not leave the game until after you end your turn, otherwise it can cause serious bugs for other players.


If you wish to play Random Heroes but still have a fair distribution of starting gold, follow this link: Random Hero Roulette and click roll to get a pair of random Heroes. After this you can proceed with trading for the combination of Hero and Town in this pair. 500 gold for a re-roll.


Version 2.82:

❖ Added Islands version H size, 2 - 4 players (to enable it - set Water Content to Islands).

❖ Banned Heroes: Beatrice.

❖ Enabled Spells: Counterstrike, Fire Protection.

❖ Disabled Spells: Cure.

❖ Enabled Artifacts: Cornucopia (assembled Relic).

❖ Disabled Artifacts: Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment (+6 all), Spellbinder's Hat, Cape of Velocity, Boots of Speed, Equestrian's Gloves.


❖ Increased relative size of biomes.

❖ Start with 2 towns (both have Forts).

❖ Random control scroll is removed.

❖ Number of Dragon Utopias increased to 2 (from 1).

❖ Pandoras with Crusaders / Swordsmen, Monks / Zealots, Roc / Thunderbirds and Stormbirds / Ayssids are limited in number and their frequency is reduced to 20 (from 35).

❖ Vampire Lords and Mighty Gorgon boxes are disabled.

❖ Increased frequency of some boxes for Rampart, Tower and Necropolis to 69 (from 35).

❖ Dwellings: 6 Dragon Cliffs, 6 Hydra Ponds, 5 Dragon Vaults and 4 Nix Forts.


❖ Frequency of T6 Dwellings in the desert increased to 80 (from 40), except Nix Forts.

❖ Portal of Glory and Behemoth Crag are limited to 7 max.

❖ Crystal Dragon boxes are disabled for the Neutrals mid.

Islands version (H size).

❖ Boots of Levitation, Water Walk and Fly are disabled.

❖ Added Statue of Legion (assembled relic).

❖ Necklace of Ocean Guidance and Sea Captain's Hat replaced with Admiral's Hat (assembled relic).

❖ 5 towns in the biome. One of the neutral towns is the triple build option (without Fort), all others are random.

❖ All biomes have 2 control scrolls (10k value, TP and DD).

❖ Central zone only has 1 town, and no roads leading to it. Can be accessed by water or via an off-road portal in the biome (45k guards).

❖ Central zone’s terrain is changed to Wasteland and its size is reduced greatly. This zone now primarily contains Black Markets, Obelisk and Warlock’s Lab (secondary resource exchange 1 : 1). Joins upgraded to 75% of the stack (from 25%).

❖ Many Temples of the Sea spawn between zones (equivalent of Utopias).

L size.

❖ Oasis is disabled.

Developer notes.

Version 2.81:

❖ Sphere of Permanence is returned.

❖ Removed spells: Resurrection, Animate Undead.


❖ Resource Creature Banks are now semi-random.

❖ Frequency of boxes increased to 35 (from 30).

❖ Frequency of Relic Artifacts reduced to 70 (from 150).

❖ (4p version) One of the random towns now mirrors central desert town.

Version 2.80a hotfix:

❖ Fixed bug which caused XL-U randomly generated as L version.

Version 2.80:

❖ 2 player Bunker version was removed, it will now be developed as a separate template named Duel.

❖ XL-U (no “fake underground'', 1xDD) can now be toggled in map settings.

❖ Logistics returned.

❖ Added Heroes: Beatrice, Andal, Calid, Straker, Moandor, Ranloo, Kinkeria, Pyre, Monere.

❖ Banned Heroes: Anabel.

❖ Angelic Alliance can now be assembled.

❖ Added Artifacts: Angel Wings, Wayfarer’s Boots, Boots of Speed, Cape of Velocity and Cape of Silence.

❖ Removed Artifacts: Sphere of Permanence and Pendant of Dispassion.

❖ Added spells: Anti-Magic, Cure, Resurrection, Animate Undead, Destroy Undead, Fireball and Quicksand.

❖ Removed spells: Summon Air Elemental, Fire Shield, Counterstrike and Inferno.

❖ Zone sizes are reverted back to the original ratio.

❖ Start with 1 town.

❖ Spell Scrolls value reduction: LVL 4 to 4k (from 8k), control scrolls to 10k (from 20k).


❖ Roadblocks are reduced.

❖ Number of Dragon Utopias reduced to 1 (from 2).

❖ Ancient Lamps, Resource Creature Banks and Libraries now spawn randomly.

❖ Frequency of boxes reduced to 30 (from 69). Swordsmen, Vampire and Gorgon boxes are no longer limited in number. Instead their frequency is reduced to 3.

❖ More low tier Dwellings.

❖ High tier Dwellings are now semi-random.

❖ +1 Dragon Cliffs and +1 Hydra Pond.


❖ Lots of control scrolls.

❖ Libraries and army boxes are now random.

❖ Added T6 Dwellings.

Disabled Skills (except Heroes who start with them)

Disabled Spells (except Heroes who start with them)

Disabled Artifacts

Added Artifacts (assembled Relics)

Detailed description

Jebus Outcast details.pdf
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