Elite Duelist

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❖ Tournament starts on December 2, 2021.

❖ Format: Double Elimination BO3 starting from the 1-st round of the upper bracket. Lower bracket is BO1 until round 4 (starting from round 4 all matches are BO3). Grand Final BO5.

Prize pool is 62000 rub. Prize distribution from 1st to 4th place: 50% - 27% - 15% - 8%. You can support the tournament via this link: https://new.donatepay.ru/@562528?goal=Elite or contact me in Discord for different ways of payment Avankar#4720.

❖ Template: Duel 2.69l (XL+U).

Settings. 160%, fast roads, water content - none, strong monsters, tournament rules on.

No free re-rolls. Each player gets 1 re-roll for 500 gold with ban.

❖ Timer: 2 / 1 / 0:15. Simultaneous turns: 131.

❖ Final Fight: 242, whoever controls central town by the end of this turn - wins the game.

Restarts: 1x111. If the bunker has only 1 Knowledge power-up (or 0) - you can ask for technical restart. If you still have your 111 then you must use that instead. Missing one of control scrolls also allows you to take technical restart.

❖ In BO3 series, towns that were already played must be banned.

❖ In the Lower Bracket, standard trade is replaced with Random Hero trade (details below).

Streaming is required, (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or at least Discord screen sharing).

❖ Hota online rules and 1 hero gaming rules are both applicable in this tournament.

❖ Rules of this tournament might change depending on the situation.

❖ For any questions or issues that might occur during the tournament pm us in Discord: MKC#1777, Avankar#4720.

Click here if you wish to support this tournament. All donations will go towards the prize pool.


kpuxa - 21000 rub

Twaryna - 20000 rub

dontcallmechris - 5000 rub

twitch_papashka - 5000 rub

Avankar - 3000 rub

Art+F4 - 3000 rub

Darkinia - 3000 rub

MKC - 2000 rub

Lower bracket specifics

In the lower bracket we introduce the Random Hero trade. Here's how it works.

  • If your match has commentators, they will use Random Hero Roulette and tell you which 2 Heroes you must trade for.

  • If no one is casting the game:

    1. Host invites his opponent to his stream.

    2. Host goes to this link: Random Hero Roulette and spins the wheel twice. If both Heroes belong to the same faction - reroll last Hero.

    3. Players can pay 500 gold to re-roll the pair (once per player). Both Heroes must be re-rolled.

    4. When the pair of Heroes is set, players start trading for the preferred combination of Hero + Town, whoever wins the trade - picks Hero first.

    5. Then they trade for the color, do gold transfer and start the game.

Schedule rules

  • In most stages you will have 5 - 7 days to play your match.

  • After finding your opponent on the bracket, you need to contact him and figure out together the best time and day for your match. When this is done you need to post it in the #schedule channel https://discord.gg/Ex5WDQQddc. Format: MKC vs Avankar 01.12 11:11 MSK.

  • If you did not contact your opponent or could not play the match within the allotted time (without notifying the organizers in advance) - you will receive a forfeit.

  • It is allowed to postpone the game if you have warned your opponent and organizers at least 4 hours before the start.

  • If you are running late, after 30 minutes - you forfeit the first game of BO3. After 45 minutes of waiting or more - your opponent wins the match. Unpredictable situations can happen too, so there might be some exceptions to this rule.

  • When the match is over, you or your opponent need to post the result in the #results channel. Example: Lexiav 2 : 0 Doulfiee.

  • If your opponent from the next stage is ready to play with you ahead of the schedule, it is okay to do so before the semi-finals (not after).

Challonge Predictions Contest

The winner of this contest will receive 1000 rub (or 12 eur) at the end of the tournament.